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During the 60s, 70s, and 80s, rock music was considered the best art that most people did enjoy and abolished the way it was presented to them. Rock music as it is said was encouraging and it talked about how most people underwent a difficult moment to realize their dreams and what they wanted in their lives. Grey expectations albums consist of many songs that were produced regarding what the musician faced and also witnessed as they traveled to different places trying out their luck. The Grey Expectations album owner gives out his story of how he has managed to move despite the challenges he has gone through pursuing the art is music. He clearly states that loves rock music which has based his foundation as his father encouraged him.

This rock music is a story or a punch of stories that are told through music, which has been carefully selected as part of an interlocking story that is made memorable and known to all. From his childhood up to his 20s, rock music has been part of his life, and still, it does even though at some point he jumped into hip hop and rap music. But this doesn’t mean that he had to stop there. He tells his story as difficult times in recording and producing his music challenged him and his counterparts to make their loose ends meet. Here they also appreciate the content of the music as clearly explains the message and is understood.

He explains how he is blown away by rap music but still loved rock music which he eventually says that he is addicted to. This shows how much he loved this music and adored it in his heart. In the early 90s, hip hop or rap music was introduced though he never liked it. Here, he tells how some of the hip-hop music influenced their approach to the Grey Expectations. He clearly explains his music ventures in this music industry. He started by writing poems and lyrics when he was young. He also played the trumpet and therefore, he had the musical knowledge though not the best. In college, rap music had hit the mainstream and now was well known. This encouraged him and he started to turn his poems into rap with the help of his pal though they didn’t stay long. T expected hey took different paths and moved on.

At some point, the Grey expectations project failed as some of his colleagues were trying to balance the artistic real-life situations. It was hard to balance this. Their producer had to maintain his family and thus he dropped off. The project had to stop for a while. They had to look for another job so that they can be able to sustain themselves. Years went by and at some point, he met a friend who asked him whether he was interested in recording an album with him. He showed him some of the work that he had been working on which mad him happy. He never what he saw. He showed him tracks that have been recorded with a combination of rock and roll, funk, and R&B, something that was nice. This encouraged him to write better poems than before.

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